Software Design & Development

About Us

We are a software design and development team, working on latest and modern technology in mobile era.


since April 2012
When we formed AwpSpace, the whole world was moving from full-feature desktop class application, to strongly focused, powerful but handy mobile app. From the elder like Symbian, to younger iOS, then Android and now, we have many mobile platforms than ever, with Tizen, Firefox, even Ubuntu and Windows. However, we understand that, not platform, but user experience is most important part of an awesome product. We are here to bring you elegant user interfaces and designs, with bright and clean code, in any platform, any language.


What do we provide?

Simple product, with simple feature. We do not make tasks become complex or make users confused. Ready for mobile first. We works with Android & iOS as your obvious choices.

Beautiful things, with colors, scheme, start from wireframe, to sketch, prototype and quickly form into final product. We are ready with React, Angular & Node.

All modern webs and mobile apps are ready for cloud. Live on most major cloud providers like AWS, DO and Azure. Automated deployment, provisioning and monitoring.